On this blog, mizoBlogging.blogspot.com, you will find out quality tutorials about Blogger platform, Blogger SEO, Plugins, Wdigets, Theme Customization, Traffic Tricks and Link Building.

I am David John (Vid Da) and entered in the world of Blog since 2013 but in my early days of blogging, I did a lot of mistakes like other bloggers newbies. I love blogging and I have built many blogs about. But, most of them are not good quality, and some of them are closed.

I love learning blogging from online. In the world of Mizo blogging, most of Mizo people, as I see, have not met a good quality of blogs. There are thousands of tutorials already written in English on Internet, except in Mizo language.

Even though I am not a profession blogger, I am passionate to encourage in creating a good quality of blogs for Mizos. So here I am preparing a blog for blogging tutorials in Mizo language. I expect that mizoBlogging.blgospot.com will help Mizos in blogging.

I chose Blogger platform rather than WordPress because Blogger Platform is much more versatile and newbie friendly.
Within a few days of your blogging on Blogger, you will start exploring its interface like a pro. You can customize your theme (template) code easily and make your blog design more personal and profession. Blogger is easy, newbie friendly, customizable freely. No need to invest, no need money for blogging. You can build your blog and customize as you like without any money.

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Stay safe and Happy Blogging!